Artificial intelligence, my thoughts

Today in class we talked about technology and development. One thing that I found interesting was artificial intelligence, we talked a lot about this subject. The way that the development of robots, AI (artificial intelligence), AR (augmented reality), VR (virtual reality) and much more is going, I think people need to take a minute and think about what this implies. I like many others enjoy things like VR games and google home, but when do we go too far? That is why I want to reflect a bit further on this subject.

To start we need to ask some basic questions. What is AI? What is a robot? Are there benefits to using VR? Based on the Techopedia definition we can say that AI (artificial intelligence) ¨an artificial intelligence is a human like machine that can work and react like we humans do¨ ( ). ¨A robot is a machine that is programmed to do tasks, and to help the everyday person¨ ( ). How complicated the programming is determined by the task the robot is supposed to perform. VR is an inventive way to both learn and have fun. VR (virtual reality) is a digital world you can move around in with VR glasses and other equipment. VR as a learning tool have been widely used in the feel dog medicine for students to practice surgery and more. The virtual reality gives the students a safe and controlled environment to practice. This type of learning can also be used in other fields where training can be dangerous, like flying and military.

We talked a lot about what these changes will bring for the future. What if we lose control of the robots? What will people do when robots do everything? When will the dramatic changes of AI happen? I think that some of the things we went through like camera eye lenses and individual (personal) scores like in the tv show Black Mirror can happen within 5- 10 years. China has already started with the implementing of personal scores based on the individual’s online activity as a part of the China social credit system. The risk with this is that you don’t get a lot out of it… what if I posted negative comments online and my score went down to a point where I couldn’t get a job, but I was the best pilot in the nation. Then some other guy that is less competent then me will get the job because his social score is higher? I think if we were to implement a system like this, we would need to have more than one score, I mean one for different activity skills, one for how you behave around others and more. Linked-in already kind of do this. When you have a profile at linked-in you can list some of your qualities that would be relevant at a job you would like and you’re Linked-in friends and others can rate your skills based on there experience. It’s not the same as what they are doing in china and what was in the tv series black mirror, but it has some similarities.

Robots have been around a long time, maybe longer than you think. By our definition a fridge, computer, phones and car can be described as a type of robot. The fridge is a cooling storage robot, the smart phone and your computer are internet, writing, movie and music playing and much more robot. A car is a driving robot. Most of these examples are a kind of robot that needs a person’s help to perform tasks, but with products like google home, your involvement in doing these tasks are more and more minimalized. To some people this is very scary, and especially when they think about what this implies for security and jobs. Do you remember the Roald Dhal story of Charlie and the chocolate factory? In the movie made by Tim Burton the father of Charlie loses his factory job, putting caps on toothpaste to a robot arm. But as we can see in the film, he gets a new job repairing the robot in the end. The same happened with the industrial revolution with spinning jenny and it will most likely happen now with the digital revolution. I think there will be jobs for people in the future, we just don’t know what they are yet. I don’t think that everybody will be mechanics an IT personnel, some will, but with new ways of doing things there will also come a need for people to learn about these things. Because of the industrial revolution, farmers did not go away. The continued to develop with each other. Essential jobs will most likely survive, but it will depend probably on the country and politic.

This is just a short version of my view on the subject. I would love to hear your opinion in the comments. Thank you for reading.


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