How we made a Shopify website and launch plan

This month we had a exam project that involved setting up a business and finding a product or service that we wanted to sell. Then we had to make a shopify website for the shop and making a launchplan. This post is going to be a run throu of how my group solved this exam. It’s importante to note that this is not a how to guide or how you should make a business, it’s just the choises we made for our exam.

Company name and product desision prosess

We started by gathering suggestions from the team members on what the product should be. We decided that we were going to have a subscription-based service that would consist of an everyday product that people use. Picking a product was fairly easy since the group was made up by all women we picked tampons and other feminine hygiene products for our service. We chose this product because it’s somthing that never spoils and girls will always need it. In Norway there is curently not a service that provides this. Naming our company was easy aswell, we named it CleanWeek and it was the second name sugjested. Since we only had a month to do the project we did not whant to waste any time on smal things like the name.


we built our website through Shopify. When you have made an acaunt it’s realy easy to get started. Under «online store» in your admin page you can customise averything about your page.

Under «navigation» you can customize really ad navigations to the header and fotter so your audiance can acces content and products. Some of the account we linked to a page and the others to products.

Under the «pages» tab in the «online store» tab you can make text pages to link upto your navigation pages.

Making productlistings are just as easy. Just og to «products» in the left manu on your admin page and the press the buton in the top right corner to ad products. Form ther you can add produckt name, description, pictures, price, options and more.

When picking a theme for your store you go to «online store-theams-free themes or buy theam» from there you can click on the customize button. Here you can go to two different menus to customize your webpage. It is verry self-explanatory, just click on one of the tabs to edit that section. You can edit the colors, text, font and add inn pictures and logos.


OKR stands for objective and key results. Your key results should be what you need to be done so that your objective will be achieved. For example our objective was ¨O: successfull launch of the website, 6/10 Norwegians know our brand¨. Our key results were ¨KR1: get 1000 page views within the first week of launch¨, ¨KR2 get 200 people to sign up for our news letter within 4 weeks of launch¨, ¨KR3: have a webpage that works, and lets the customer know what we sell and how they can get some¨ and the last one was ¨KR4: get 200 followers on Instagram and Facebook page within launch date (22.03.19).

Buy using OKR’s it is much easyer to know what you are workin towards and what you need to get done so that you reach you goals.


When making a plan for your launch we were thought to make a list of all the activities you want to do for the launch. Here are the activities we wanted to execute:

  • Competition for free products on our website
  • Flyers and demo products
  • Product tests and product surveys
  • Promotional materials for events
  • media profiling (bought form others)
  • media profiling/ social media
  • launch event
  • launch offer on our website (buy one, get one free)

Its all about knowing what you want to do and knowing how and when you want to do it.

-Carmen Saksen

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