The challenges Kristiania University college phase with technology development and Increased use of the social web

The exponential growth of new technology and the use of media are impacting businesses in many different ways. It’s hard to keep up with new methods and learning new things that might be irrelevant next week. Companies have to keep up with the changes to ensure relevance for the future. We are going to explore some new types of technology that can present challenges for Kristiania University college’s social communication and learning methods.

AI will challenge Kristiania University college

Artificial intelligence is a field we see lots of new inventions and ideas are coming from, like with the Google Home, Alexa and Apple’s Homepod. These technologies are a part of what we call IOT or challenges of things, technology in everyday objects that send and communication data to for example a Google Home (technology, 2019). will this type of technology have an effect on the life of a student or Kristiania? It won’t most likely have an impact on Kristiania, but students will notice a change in their everyday life if they surround themselves with these things. Kristiania should maybe consider optimizing their content and the applications they use for these types of technologies.

The part of AI I think will challenge Kristiania University college is the rapid development of different types of robots. In the future, teachers might be replaced with robots granted that the robots have a sophisticated algorithm that not only gives them the information that they need to give a student but also the ability to teach a person something.

The problem with learning platforms

The rapid growth in use and understanding of the internet and technology is going to or have already had a change on how and where we learn. Platforms like youtube, skillshare and other learning platforms give students and others the technology to learn new things much cheaper than form most private courses and traditional schooling. You have the opportunity to learn everything that is needed for a degree by reading books, watching skillshare, and youtube. The problem is that there is no documentation on what you have learned from skillshare or youtube and there is a big chance for misinformation.

Video- and streamed lectures

In Norway, there are some schools like NTNU Gjøvik (NTNU, 2019) and Kristiania University college that are experimenting with streaming lectures and ensure them up on the platform Canvas ( and other student platforms) as videos for students to watch later. The good thing about this is that students don’t have any excuses to not attend lectures, because they can learn it whenever. It gives many students the flexibility that they need, many students are working part or even full time while in college or university. Being able to work on days that you have lectures and watch the lecture on video when you come home is a big help for some students. This, of course, requires that the school you go to doesn’t write down attendance ( attendance is not mandatory). At Kristiania we do not have mandatory attendance and in my first year at Kristiania, we had the opportunity to have both streamed lectures and video recordings. The great part was like I already mentioned that you have much more flexibility to work while being a student. But the even better part was that if I were gone or more days I would still get the information from the lectures.

It seems to be many positive sides to this development, but are there any bad sides? For the student it does not seem to be many, there might be some difficulties with students being able to ask questions or have a discussion with others, but this is an easy fix. If the streaming service doesn’t provide some kind of chat, then the teachers can provide other platforms for discussion like a facebook group chat (or similar) or like Discord A platform where you can talk with others by voice or text. You can also make different rooms in the channel. This makes it easier if your class is working on a group project, the different groups can have their own room to discuss subject while listening to the lecture and have a text chat with the rest of the class to ask questions to others or the teacher). The major challenges or downsides will most likely affect the teachers. If students can watch lectures at home, there will be few or no student in the classrooms, and so why should the teachers be at school? And then if the teachers are having the lectures from home, why do we then need a physical school? This concept is not new either, what I have described in some part are online courses and there are many schools online. I think that in the future, this might be the way and place we get our degrees. 

Knowlege problems that schools face

The picture under shows us how rapidly and in what scale changes in processes and knowledge happen in different fields.

(Deloitte.Digital. 2015:5.)

From this image, we can see that the field of education have an impact of about 37.5% change in business and this happens over a time period of a little bit more than 2 years. Since this is for a digital marketing class and Kristiania university college also have other aspects that don’t involve education in the same way, I will also include the numbers for media, which is under a year with the percent change being about 45%. This means that Kristiania in terms of education has a fair amount of time to keep up with the changes. The problem or challenge, however, is not time, but people, more specifically the teachers. I personally do not know how well the teachers are keeping up with learning everything new, but there is a problem with staff sticking to old information and processes simply because it is easier, this is mostly for Norwegian schools (Torild, 2015) and probably schools in other countries as well. This is, of course, something to be aware of and try to prohibit for the sake of students education. The fast change is something that Kristiania is already aware of, but I thought it still was relevant to mention. As the years go by, the school need a consistent flow of new students, and digital marketing helps them reach their target group. The challenge here is also keeping up with the new methods, technologies, knowledge, and it probably is harder considering how often the changes occur.



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  1. Hi Carmen, this is absolutely great! To be honest, one of the very best reflections I have read in courses like this. This is exactly the way this tast should be solved. You should absolutely choose this blog post to be the one you hand in together with the final exam. When including some of this in your final exam, I guess you might to shorten it a bit down, pick out what you hink is the most appropriate to use, end include references in the text, and this will be great. Really good job :-). See you tomorrow, Cecilie

    1. thank you so much for the feedback, I will most likely use this in the exam 🙂 I was nervous that is was to short and rambly XD

  2. Hei, Carmen! Du er utrolig flink til å skrive godt! Wow – jeg ble veldig imponert. I tillegg til at du skriver på engelsk! Gøy å se at vi skriver om ulike temaer, selv om vi er i samme forelesning 😀 Takk for mange gode tips. Mvh Emeline B. Larsen

    1. Synes det er veldig kult at jeg kan inspirere deg og andre til eksamensoppgaven. Takk for fin tilbakemelding, om du vil kan jeg lese gjennom din om du har lakt det ut på bloggen/når du legger det ut 🙂

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